Your Guide To Tybee Island GA - Useful Visitor Information.

We provide information for visitors to Tybee Island Georgia. We hope to help you find out more about some of the popular things to do on Tybee, as well as the great places to eat or stay. Just to say also

that this guide is a work in progress and you will find it regularly updated.  Welcome to our site!
A wide Tybee Island beach under clear blue skies. A Tybee Island Beach, Photo courtesy of Paul Brennan.

There really is just so much to do on Tybee Island, especially at the beach such as kayaking paddleboarding,  surfing, windsurfing, Jet skiing and more. Tybee Island is a paradise in terms of beaches.. there are nearly 4 miles of beaches to get lost in and explore, or just enjoy kicking back in some lovely Georgia sunshine as you relax and watch the waves. Yet Tybee is not just about the beaches; there is a wealth of other activities too such as fishing charters and various tours. You'll find Eco/nature tours and outings to local landmarks and general sightseeing tours. You can try your hand at some deep sea fishing, or near shore if you prefer. You can enjoy an amazing experience watching dolphins or whales or romantic sunset cruises.. 

Away from the water too you will find so many activities to get involved with. In fact, you will be doing well if you manage to find the time for all that you can do on the Island. For instance, with its low elevation and  absence of hills the Island is a perfect place to rent a bike and explore. To help here, there are some well documented biking trails  across Tybee. Hiking and birdwatching are highly popular too, as there are a number of scenic, well known trails to enjoy and explore.


The Island has a rich history and played a significant role during the development of Savannah and the wider area. It has been the location for many recent movies and enjoys many other interesting claims to fame. For instance, Do you remember the recent 2017 Baywatch movie? that was shot on Tybee Island. Plus a host of other movies such as Gifted, Dirty Grandpa, one of the Sponge Bob movies and many more.

Visitors to Tybee will quickly experience the warmth of real Georgia hospitality and service that comes as standard, from those who cater to the needs of so many vacationers each year. You'll find many well established restaurants and eateries, offering a wide choice of dining experiences; including lots of unique local seafood dishes.Many of these venues have a character and charm all of their own, offering more of an experience than just a meal.


In terms of accommodations on the Island, there is of course everything from hotels, motels and inns to vacation rentals, apartments, cottages, bed and breakfasts and more. Perhaps though, what sets a Tybee Island vacation apart most from many others is that the Island, with its golden shore is so close to historic Savannah.
So whether you are planning a day trip or a longer stay, this special part of the GA coastline has much to offer. 


Don't forget too that Tybee Island and its miles of golden beaches, also serves as a perfect location for weddings. More and more couples each year are choosing to have a beach wedding ceremony. Of course, due to the Island being so close to Savannah.. many couples look at Tybee as a perfect place to visit for photographs on their special day too. 


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