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About Tybee Island

Tybee Island GA, an increasingly popular and thriving coastal resort city, is only around 18 miles from the city of Savannah.  The Island combines a mix of southern charm, natural beauty and a very special highly unique culture. Tybee holds the position of being the most easterly point in the state of Georgia, and is also known as 'Savannah's Beach' because it is so close to the City.​​​

 Tybee Island history, popularity and more. 

Tybee's History

Tybee, is a barrier Island formed from sand by tidal and wave action parallel to the main coast, has a long history, stretching back thousands of years. Going way back, the likely first inhabitants of the Island were Native Americans from the Yuchi tribe. It is from these folk that the Island got its name, with Tybee meaning 'salt' in the Yuchi language. A hop forward into more recent times, around five hundred years or so ago reveals that Spanish explorers claimed and renamed the Island as their own. 

Later still Tybee Island, due to it's location, in terms of proximity to coastal access to the wider mainland, became increasingly important as the city of Savannah developed, and during the Civil War. This leading largely to the fact that many of the historic buildings date back to the times of the Civil War. These older buildings, now of course joined by many more modern, help to give Tybee and 'old mixed with the new' world charm. 
Towards the end of the 19th Century Tybee experienced a growth in visitor numbers as society at the time began to consider the health benefits of taking breaks to the coastal areas. This was to get away from the much polluted and heavily industrialized cites. Tybee has was also an unwitting recipient of a nuclear bomb in the late 1950's! The bomb was jettisoned by an aicraft during a training flight accident. It was nver discovered, although extensive searches were carried out. Much more can be found online about the extensive history of Tybee Island. 
Cockspur lighthouse stands proud against gray skies

Popularity of Tybee Island 

Many Tybee goers however, also come to enjoy the wildlife, marshlands and inland waterways on the Island. There are famous landmarks, numerous hiking and bike trails, and a whole range of tours, excursions and activities to keep visitors interested. All will get a sense of the unique history and culture of the Island. Plus at the end of any given day, when visitors have had their fill of fun, activities and relaxation they'll find a varied host of restaurants and eateries; waiting to offer their own unique flavors of Tybee hospitality and service.
Another reason for the Island's growing popularity is perhaps that the Island has had it's fair share of great press. This includes being in the Guiness Book of World Records, a little while back for being the place that one of largest pictures in the world was painted.
There have also been a host of famous stars asscociated with Tybee GA , including Miley Cyrus, 'The Rock" Johnson, Robert De Niro, Zac Efron, and many others. All have been involved in movies that were fully or partly shot on the Island. Movies such as the recent 'Baywatch', 'The Last Song' ,' My Dirty Grandpa' and even 'Spongebob' ! 

A final note..

So all of the above is great news to raise awareness and visibilty of Tybee Island, even worldwide. Add to this the fact that average temperatures for the Island in September are at their highest 83 degrees F and lowest 68 degrees. It's a fact too that Tybee still enjoys some great weather well outside of high season, which is May 1 through September 1; so you can see why it is be becoming more popular year on year.

By the way, many improvements were made to the Island last year, such as removal of derelict buildings and the addition of new toilet facilites at beaches etc. These improvements are obviously likely to benefit visitors during the 2017 season and beyond.  
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