Tybee Island Restaurants

Below you will find we have featured five of Tybee's popular restaurants, giving an overview of the venues and menus. ​These are the current Tiga's 'High 5' ​ in terms of restaurants on the Island.  In time, we will rotate the establishments that we feature, and create another selection. What each restaurant or venue will have in common apart from Tybee, and popularity, is the fact that they have received Google reviews. We can mention too, that what became clear fairly early in our research, is many of the restaurants really do seem to offer highly creative menu choices. With high popular menu specials, often centered around the abundant range of seafood available. Below the places we have featured is a fuller list of eateries, with contact details and location. Please note we are not endorsing or recommending any one of these places to eat over another, we are just providing information. We try to keep the number of Google restaurant reviews updated over time. So with that, we hope you have a great time exploring the culinary delights of Tybee, and enjoy the ever present warmth of Southern hospitality you will find in so many of the Island's restaurants.

TiGA's 'High 5' ​ Featured Restaurants in Tybee


                                     (Information on latest Google reviews shown below was updated on October 2 2017)
The Crab Shack
Location: 40 Estill Hammock Rd, Tybee Island, GA 31328, USA
Opening times: 11:30AM–10PM Fri/Sat (general 11:30AM–9PM)
Phone: +1 912-786-9857
Known mainly for: Seafood
Includes but not limited to:
Various appetizers (as the venue calls them (Shackatizers!)
including dishes based around crab,oysters,scallops,clams,crawfish,shrimps, mussels.
Stews,chilli, soups.
Wide choice of crab and portion sizes.
Pork,chicken, BBQ ribs.
Sandwiches, chilli/kosher dogs, nachos
Beers, wines and cocktails, desserts and more.​
The Crab Shack restaurant has a long and colorful history going way back, in evidence throughout the venue around in decor and ambiance.
Lots to see of interest. (Even alligator lagoon!)
Indoor/outdoor seating.

Great reputation highly popular.
Featured in many  mainstream press articles. Voted best seafood in Savannah since 1998.
Award winning food (Connect, Best of Savannah 2016)
Additionally The Crab Shack's seafood is available to order for worldwide shipping.​​
Large parties no same day reservation. (see website for details)

Google reviews at time of posting 1226 
average rating shown 4.3
(reviews prior to this update 1134/ 4.3) 
See Google Reviews: goo.gl/ngSE36  


The Crabshack Map

Sting Rays Seafood
 Location: 1403 Butler Ave, Tybee Island, GA 31328, USA
Phone: +1 912 786 0209
Opening times: 11AM–12AM Sat/Sun (Other days 11AM-10PM)
Includes but not limited to:
Range of mainly seafood starters.
Soups, salads, Signature crab stew.
Range of sandwiches, seafood based.
Meatless burgers.
Clams, crab, oysters, mussels, crawfish and more sold in various weights.
Wide range of fried platters etc, crab, scallop , flounder, shrimp
and many more.
Beers, cocktails and shots.
Children's menu and deserts also available
Also extensive specials menu.
Father and son partnership, started up back in 2001.
Relaxed and laid back ambiance. Includes outside seating deck right next to Tybee's main strip.
Live music is played Friday and Saturday nights. Voted 'best' by a local news source “Tybee Breeze' for certain things such as for instance, their Seafood, place to view the Parade, Margaritas and more besides, according to statement on website.
See Google Reviews:  https://goo.gl/kP4qZh 
Google reviews at time of posting 523 average rating shown 4.0,
(reviews prior to current update 462 / 4.0)



Sting Rays Seafood Map

By the way if you are also looking for accommodation as well great places to eat please take a look at our Hotels and Accommodations  page



A-J's Dockside Restaurant 
Location: 1315 Chatham Ave, Tybee Island, GA 31328, USA
Phone: +1 912-786-9533
Opening times: 11AM–10AM (Everyday)
Known mainly for: Seafood
(Dinner Menu) Includes but not limited to:
Range of appetizers, especially popular shrimp and grits , and also their smoked salmon dip. Plus crab stew, crab legs also wings and more.
Salads, sandwiches, crab burgers, hamburgers..
Fried dinner platters Flounder, shrimp,oysters, scallops and chicken.
Meat dishes including stuffed chicken breast, Ribeye steak and Pork Chops.
Fish mains including crab, Mahi- Mahi, Flounder, Corvina
(White Sea Bass).
Good range of desserts and full bar for drinks.
Kid's menus available.​  

This Tybee restaurant and bar started out in 2003. Both inside dining room and outside seating enjoying great views of the Black River. The venue prides itself on offering 46 different bottle beers.It is also possible to rent both kayaks and paddleboards. Separate lunch and dinner menus. Lunch starting from 11am until 5pm, whereby dinner service begins.
​(See site for lunch menu)
This venue does not take reservations. 
See Google Reviews:  https://goo.gl/trAQQA​​
Google reviews at time of posting 436 average rating shown 4.1
(Previous reviews 396/ 4.0)
A-J's Dockside Map 



Mac Elwee's Seafood Restaurant


 Location: 101 Lovell Ave, Tybee Island, GA 31328
Phone: +1 912-786-8888
Opening times: 4pm- 9.15pm (Tues, Weds, Thurs)

9.45pm (Fri, Sat) 4pm- 9.00pm (Sun)
(Sat, Sun lunch specials from 12 noon- 3.30pm)
Closed (Mon)
Known mainly for: Seafood 




Mac Elwee's Seafood Restaurant started business in 1982 and the restaurant prides itself on offering a mix of traditional foods with warm hospitality.The venue has become well known for their beer battered seafood, steamed oysters and a range of other dishes- plus their views of the Ocean.There is also a chef's daily specials menu, which offers a freshly caught and prepared seafood. Takeout service available.
Kid's menu, desserts and full bar.
Includes but not limited to: 
Range of appetizers including oysters, buffalo shrimps, scallops,  soups, their popular crab dip and more.
Mains  include pasta, Angus ground beef burgers, chicken.
A range of fish including Flounder, Lobster tail, Mahi- Mahi, also shrimp & sausage stir fry.
Many fried seafood entrees, such as crab, Flounder, shrimp and more, choice of' portion sizes.
Pork chops, Ribeye and other steaks from the grill, plus steak and seafood combinations.
Steamed seafood variations and A la Carte menu also available.


Google reviews at time of posting 127 average rating shown 3.4 

(reviews prior to this update 116/ 3.4)
See latest Google Reviews:  https://goo.gl/SWdBon 


Mac Elwee's Seafood Restaurant Map




Spanky's Beachside  


Location: 1605 Strand Ave, Tybee Island, GA 31328, USA
Phone: +1 912-786-5520
Opening times: 11am-10pm (Sun- Sat)
Known mainly for: American, Mexican.



Spanky's Beachside is a casual American family restaurant with a long history in Tybee Island. This branch of Spanky's opened some 38 years ago, and followed the success of another Spanky's restaurant in Savannah 2 years previously. The establishment is in the South of the Island and enjoys ocean views.

Details on the restaurant's website, outline that the food is prepared fresh everyday, using the freshest ingredients. 

Kids menu and  full bar.
Can also accommodate carry out orders. 
Menu includes, but is not limited to:
A range of Appetizers including fried Mozzarella, crab cakes, spinach dip, and more.
Various salads, that can be topped with chicken, shrimp, scallops etc.
Quesadillas, of varying kinds (including Veggiedillas)
Seafood baskets, stackers and sandwiches.
Pasta, seafood, Mahi- Mahi, scallops etc.
Steaks; Ribeye in various sizes with options to pair with seafood. The Neptune Platter allows the combination of 2,3 or more seafood menu items, dependent on the price selected.
The famous chicken fingers, in various portion sizes.
Wraps of various kinds.


Google Reviews at time of posting 229  ave rating 3.9. 

(reviews prior to update 208/ 3.9)
See Google Reviews:  https://goo.gl/UlXLNJ


Spanky's Beachside Map

Other Restaurants on Tybee Island


Agave Bar And Grill
Type: Mexican and Bar
402 1st St,
1 912 472-9022
Benny's Tybee Tavern
Type: American, Bar
1517 Butler Ave
+1 912 786-0121 
Breakfast Club
Type: Breakfast, Brunch
1500 Butler Ave 
+1 912 786-5984
Bubba Gumbo's
Type:  Seafood
Old US Hwy 80 
+1 912 786-4445
CoCo’s Sunset Grille
Type: Seafood, Traditional American 
 1A Old US Hwy 80
+1  912  786-7810
Fannies On the Beach
Type: Seafood, Salad, Pizza
1613 Strand
+1 912 786-6109
Gerald's Pig & Shrimp
Seafood, Barbeque and Sandwiches
 1115 US 80
 +1 912 856-4227
Huca Poos
Type: Pizza, Bar
 1213 US Hwy 80
+1 912 786-5900
Lazaretto Creek Seafood
Type: Seafood, Seafood Sales
1 E Hwy 80
+1 912 786-8920
La Dolce Vita Italian Grill
Type: Italian, Breakfast & Brunch. Pizza, 
 1401 Strand Ave
 +1 912 786-5606
Lighthouse Pizza
Type:  Pizza
Address:15 Tybrisa St, Tybee Island, GA 31328
Phone +1 912 786-9874

Marlin Monroes Surfside Grill
Type: Thai, Seafood
404 Butler Ave
+1 912 786-4745


North Beach Grill
Type: Salad, Sandwiches, American (Traditional)
 41 Meddin Dr
 +1 912  786-9003

North Beach Bar & Grill
Type: Seafood, Caribbean, American 
 33 Meddin Dr
+1 912 786-4442

Pizza On Wheels
Type: Pizza
103 Jones Ave
 +1 912 786-5870


Rock House
Type: American (new), Bar
 1518 Butler Ave
+1 912 786-7176
Sundae Cafe
Type: Southern, Seafood, Steakhouse
304 1st St
+1 912 786-7694 
The Sugar Shack
Type:  Burgers, Breakfast and Brunch, Ice Cream etc.
301 1st St
 +1 912  786-4482
Tybee Island Fish Camp
106 S Campbell Ave
+1 912  662-3474
Tybee Island Social Club
Mexican, Seafood
 1311 Butler Ave,
+1 912 472-4044
The Quarter Sports Bar & Grill
Type: Sports Bar,  Salad, Sandwiches
601 1st St.
+1 912 786-8966 
Vickie's On Tybee
 Type:  Seafood, Steakhouse, American (new)
1105 US Hwy 80
 +1 912 786-9869
Wind Rose Cafe
Type: Burgers, Seafood, Bar
19 16th St
+1 912  786-6593
80 East Gastropub
Type: Gastropub, Burgers, Sandwiches
 725B 1st St
+1 912 786-4782


(note the list of restaurants shown here is not exhaustive).


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