Things To Do in Tybee Island 

Anyone making a list of  things to do  in Tybee Island is going to need a little time to put it together! Even leaving the beaches aside for a moment, there is no shortage of other attractions, historic local landmarks to see, tours, watersports and other activities to get involved with. Making time for everything you may wish to do will take some planning for sure (never mind the energy needed to actually get through it all eh!) On our site here we have given basic information only, on some of the more popular Tybee Island attractions, there are many more. We have also provided details and links, where available to additional resources such as equipment rental, activity or tours and tour companies. We should add of course, that we cannot in any way vouch for the level or any other aspect of the services provided any business mentioned below.  

Lots of things to do both on, and away from the water.


One of the very popular things to do in Tybee Island for sure. Paddleboarding is a  great fun pastime for all the family  as well as being a super way to keep in trim! 
Find out more about Paddleboard Rentals  at: East Coast paddleboarding who offer to meet you at the beach
at 3 locations on Tybee.

+1 912-484-3200
Inlet Ave, Tybee Island, GA 31328  


Including windsurfing. Lots of opportunity to have fun and adventure with these activities that are again well provided for on Tybee Island. Surf Lessons and rentals available. Find out more about surf board and Kayak Rentals at:
North Island Surf and Kayak.
+1 912-786-4000
1C Old Highway 80
PO Box 1786,Tybee Island, GA 31328





Experience the fun of Kayaking in the ocean or inland waterways.. enquire about Kayak and surfboad rentals.

Jet skiing

Feeling the need for a drop of speed? then rent a Jetski and have some real fun! Jet Skiing is a popular pastime on the Island, so why not check it out if you are considering other watersport activities?  Jet Ski Rentals and lessons  available from experienced and instructors . Find out more at: 
Tybee Jet Ski and Watersports
1 Old Highway 80, Lazaretto Creek Marina
Tybee Island, GA
+1 912-786-8062​​


Tybee Island is the perfect place to go biking as the Island is largely flat. So It's a great way to explore the local area and especially the beaches. There is a longer trail around 6 miles, if you prefer to stretch out a bit further but still enjoy great views you'll find Mc Queens trail, along US-80.
For those who are interested in biking.. there's a trove of useful information relating specifically to bicycling, over at the  cityoftybee  site


Contact Tybee Beach Bike Tours for more information on their range of bikes, Weehoos and Pull alongs.Whether it's single rentals or for the whole  family, they have you covered!  Check their Best Of Tybee Tour, which is so popular with visitors and a great way to explore the Island! 

For schedules and pricing visit  

Address: 14th & Butler Ave,Tybee Island, Georgia, GA 31328 Phone: (912) 388 1456

For more on Bike rentals and a range other equipment contact
Tim’s Bikes & Beach Gear, LLC at two locations on Tybee:
North End:1101 E. Hwy 80, South End:1510 Butler Ave.Tybee Island, GA 31328.   +1 912-786-8467

Hiking and Walking

For those who love to immerse themseleves in the wild outdoors.. Tybee has so many things to do outside. enjoy scenic walks along a variety of easily accessible trails. Take your time strolling through wetlands forests, and the wider natural landscapes of the Island.
Here is information about other trails in the area 


Tybee Island Birdwatchers can take advantage of the many purpose made viewing areas. In terms of a being a good location for birdwatching Tybee checks many boxes. Not least the fact that Tybee Island sits on the Colonial Coastal Birding Trail and sees thousands of migrating birds each year. Tybee also offers safe winter shelter for certain endangered species of shorebirds. Some of the best locations is at Tybee Light station on North Beach, Fort Pulaski and Little Tybee (off the lower end of the main island). 
​​Ot course, the number one of Tybee Island things to do is visit the beach. This of course should come as no suprise bearing in mind the Island itself is widely known for being the Savannah Beach! 
See our Tybee beaches page.
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